Our Guest Comments

See what Roger Dugmore Safaris guest have to say.

Our Guest Comments

“Dear Friend Roger,
This time spent with you, in the place you love with a passion, has been extraordinary, in some respect it seems no time has passed since you found ‘our’ 105 year old preacher and recorded our ‘real’ wedding. Under the African sun. You are embedded in our family now, Roger. I must tell you, Redford has made a powerful connection with you. This bit of ‘magic’ is a result of your unique and respectful interaction with our son. You are a ‘NATURAL’! You have gifted us again, 15 years after our original adventure in the bush.”

Love, Marc Romanelli, New Mexico, USA

“The flora & fauna of the Okavango Delta are truly remarkable and diverse. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful place! Scott’s knowledge and instinctive manner have added so much to this experience. The staff provided every comfort – they operated with skill and kindness. We cannot imagine a better safari. This experience will last a lifetime. Thank you.”

Ann & Blease, Texas, USA

“It is rare for either of us to be without words. We are both writers and professors. But this six days has been so beyond what either of us could have imagined, we are having trouble expressing our joy or the sublime beauty of this place and the way in which Scott has introduced us to it. We came here to celebrate our 50th birthdays and between the extraordinary wilderness we have been shown and the extraordinary kindness of the staff, we could not have asked for a better adventure. We just thank you all so much – for your knowledge and sharing it. For your kindness and showing it, and for all (ALL) the laughter.”

Paige & JC, New York, USA


Tsanakona Ward, Maun, Botswana

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