What To Bring On Safari

Below is our recommended list of essentials for your safari.

What To Bring On Safari

The amount of luggage on safari vehicles, boats and light aircraft is limited, it is our suggestion that when travelling on safari that you bring a soft sturdy travel bag for all your luggage, limiting the weight to 20 kg as this is the restricted weight on small aircraft. Pack only the essentials for your safari.

Muted clothing is preferable on safari, please avoid wearing white, dress is casual.

  • Most importantly, a good sense of humour
  • Good quality binoculars are essential
  • A headtorch – we recommend you get a Petzel
  • Good quality sunglasses – polarized if possible
  • Light wide brim hat, bandanna and warm caps for the cooler months (June – Aug)
  • Leather or woolen lightweight gloves and scarf (June – Aug)
  • Golf shirts, T- shirts and long sleeved cotton shirts
  • Shorts / skirts
  • Long trousers / slacks
  • Track suit
  • Socks, good walking shoes, lightweight hiking boots with good traction and sandals
  • Parker – lightweight for rain and wind for early morning drives
  • Warm winter jersey
  • Light rain gear for the summer months (Nov – April)
  • If you wear contact lenses, we recommend you bring a pair of glasses in case you get irritation from the dust
  • Camera equipment with all electrical adaptors and extra batteries
  • Water proof and dust proof bags for camera equipment
  • Moisturizing and sun lotions
  • Basic travel medical kit (we do have medical kits in our vehicles)
  • Journal, notebook and pens
  • Bird and mammal guide books (we do provide guide books in our vehicles)


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