A Typical Day In The Wild

What a typical day is like on safari with Roger Dugmore Safaris.

A Typical Day In The Wild

Your day begins with an early morning gentle wakeup call – “KOKO (Knock-Knock, in Setswana) rise and shine.”

Having your morning coffee & continental breakfast by the fire, listening to the morning chorus of the birds singing and the sounds of nature, this is the perfect way to start your day on safari.

From our beautiful and comfortable base camp, we embark on our morning adventure (game drive). Seeing the rising sun over the horizon, lighting up the beauty of the unfolding day, taking it slow – we soak it all in. Reading the morning newspaper for us is about wildlife tracking. We let nature guide the way or route depending on animal movements or calls. We make the most of the early morning coolness as this is when predators are more active.

Around mid-morning we find a picturesque location to have our tea, coffee & snack break. To keep us going whilst absorbing nature at its finest – the sounds, the smells, the view. We always head off on our drives appreciating all the flora & fauna, big and small that the bush has to offer.

We return to camp around midday for a hearty lunch, followed by an afternoon siesta. This is the time of day when most animals are resting too. When in the wild, do as the animals do.

Late afternoon we head out for another adventure. As the sun starts to touch the horizon, we look for another stunning spot to enjoy our sundowners, while sipping on our local Okavango gin & tonic, we watch our day in the wilderness slowly fading away into the sunset. Returning to camp after sunset we are always on the lookout for wildlife – always!

Returning to camp you will be met by our waiter with warm/cold aroma-filled face towels depending on the outside temperature. Flashlights on the table, the bar open, and hot showers ready and waiting. After freshening up we welcome you to have a drink around the fireplace (our bush tele) reliving the day’s highlights. Our lantern light dinners are a scrumptious three course gourmet meal complimented by a handpicked selection of good quality local wines and spirits. Relaxing around the fire after dinner, star gazing & listening to the sounds of the African night, telling stories of old, stories of new, and laughing together, we build connections for life.

During your mobile safari and depending on the length of time on safari the activities vary. We sometimes go out for the full day with a picnic lunch when moving camp, when boating and when we do day trips to other remote locations. The routine is never the same and it is the guide(s) who will determine each daily activity and program. We are always in search of solitude and wonder!

Spend a day boating, with crystal clear water and white sand banks, and catch sight of a myriad of water bird species whilst winding through a network of pristine lagoons and channels of the Okavango Delta. Undertake mokoro safaris (adults only) and on request. Experience the rich wildlife living in and around these diverse areas.

What our guests have to say…

“Roger & Justin,

Thank you both for making this a trip of a lifetime! It has always been a dream of mine to go on a safari to see all the animals in their natural habitat. I will be forever grateful to the both of you for sharing your knowledge every day on every game adventure we experienced together. From the baby elephant playing in the sand to the last night with a leopard in a tree and every minute in between this trip has fulfilled every dream.”

Debbie, Florida, USA

“Roger & Justin,

We are so grateful for the amazing experience you both gave us. To be a guest in the wild place is like no other feeling in the world. Your knowledge of the land, animals and so many other things add so many dimensional layers to what we experience as guests. Thank you for your authentic hospitality and for making all of us laugh. You are both treasures and we can’t wait to return.
P.s your staff are amazing!”

Lessie & Beck, California, USA


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